Siargao Land Tours + Bonus

Join us on an unforgettable journey through Siargao Island Philippines, a paradise where local experts reveal the island’s rich culture, breathtaking landscapes, and hidden enchantments. Our land tours offer more than just sightseeing; they are immersive experiences that connect you with the heart of this beautiful island. Plus, as a special treat, we include a bonus side-trip to Sugba Lagoon, an idyllic spot encircled by lush islets, perfect for an exhilarating day of swimming, snorkeling, and paddleboarding.

Aerial view of Magpupungko Tidal Rock Pools in Pilar, Siargao: one area that we will visit in our Siargao land tours.

We’ll bring you on a specially curated land tour that showcases the diverse and popular Siargao attractions. Our adventure begins at the Coconut Farm Viewdeck, offering a panoramic view of the island’s lush landscape and natural splendor. Next, we’ll glide down to Maasin River, a serene tourist spot in Siargao, for boating activities and a tranquil ride on a traditional bamboo raft or a small paddle boat.

As we meander along the iconic Coconut Road, flanked by majestic palm trees, we’ll head towards the Magpupungko Rock Pools, a tourist attraction that is among the top spots in Siargao where crystal-clear waters in nature-carved rock pools beckon for a refreshing dip. Magpupungko is located in Pilar, Surigao del Norte and boasts with breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean and cliff jumps are best enjoyed.

Our journey continues with a special bonus – the enchanting Sugba Lagoon tour. Tucked away amidst a labyrinth of mangroves and limestone cliffs, this hidden gem invites you to paddleboard or kayak through its tranquil turquoise waters, or simply bask in the serene atmosphere, admiring the area’s pristine beauty.

We’ll also catch the surf vibes at Cloud 9 Boardwalk, a renowned place if you want to experience surfing in Siargao. Here, you can watch skilled surfers conquer the waves or enjoy the stunning ocean and beach views, complete with pristine white sand. Our stroll across Catangnan Bridge, now popularly referred to as AFAM bridge, offers picturesque vistas of Siargao’s idyllic landscape and seascape and a popular place if you love to watch the sunset, making it a new must-visit spot in Siargao.

Join us on a day tour to discover the soul of Siargao Island Philippines. Each destination we visit unfolds a story waiting for you to experience and cherish.

Aerial view of Maasin River in Siargao Island
Woman walking in the iconic coconut road in Siargao Island Philippines
Magpupungko Tidal Pools in Pilar, Siargao Island

Suggested time: 1 – 2 hours

Magpupungko Tidal Pools

Magpupungko Rock Pools  present a magical world of natural swimming holes, where crystal clear waters meet Magpupungko rock formations, creating a unique and mesmerizing spot for aquatic exploration.

Municipality of Pilar, Siargao Island

Swimming, snorkeling, cliff diving

Age: 5+

Coconut Farm Viewdeck in Siargao

Suggested time: 20 – 30 mins

Coconut Farm Viewdeck

Get swept away by the endless sea of lush, towering coconut trees at the Coconut Farm Viewdeck, a breathtaking vantage point offering a glimpse into Siargao Island Philippines’ vibrant, tropical heart. Don’t forget to try human drone in this spot!

Some 18 kilometers from General Luna

Sightseeing, human drone

Age: 2+

Sugba Lagoon aerial view

Suggested time: 2 – 3 hours

Sugba Lagoon

Siargao Sugba Lagoon entices visitors with its emerald waters surrounded by lush islets, providing the perfect setting for swimming at its crystal clear water, snorkeling, and paddleboarding during your lagoon tours.

Municipality of Del Carmen, Siargao

Swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking

Age: 5+

The iconic Coconut Road in Siargao Island

Suggested time: 10 – 20 mins

Coconut Road

Coconut Road is a picturesque drive through Siargao’s iconic palm-lined landscapes, perfect for capturing unforgettable memories and immersing yourself in the island’s serene beauty. If you have a drone, this is a perfect spot!

Municipality of Pilar, Siargao Island


Age: 5+

Aerial view of Catangnan Bridge in Siargao Island

Suggested time: 20 – 30 mins

Catangnan Bridge

Soak in the picturesque views from Catangnan or sometimes known as AFAM Bridge, where sightseers gather to marvel at the idyllic scenery and snap memorable photos of Siargao’s stunning landscape and seascape.

Municipality of General Luna, Siargao

Sightseeing, sunset watching

Age: 2+

View of Cloud 9 Boardwalk in General Luna, Siargao

Suggested time: 1 – 2 hours

Cloud 9

Cloud 9 Surf Spot is a world-famous destination for surf enthusiasts, boasting consistently epic waves that attract seasoned riders and international competitions, making it a must-visit location.

Municipality of General Luna, Siargao

Sightseeing, swimming, surfing

Age: 5+

The iconic Coconut Road in Siargao Island

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best mode of transportation for Siargao land tours?

The best mode of transportation for Siargao land tours is a private van. It’s comfy and fast, making it perfect for getting to faraway spots. Some areas on the island are quite far apart, so vans save you time and energy. Tricycles or Tuktuk aren’t the best choice for land tours because they can be slow and less comfortable. Choose a private van for a smooth, enjoyable Siargao adventure tours!

What are the top attractions to visit during land tours?

Siargao land tours are a gateway to some of the most spectacular sights and hidden gems. Begin your adventure at the Coconut Farm View Deck, where you can witness a stunning panorama of endless coconut trees stretching from the mountains. Next, immerse yourself in the tranquility of Maasin River, perfect for bamboo rafting, boating, or simply soaking in the scenic beauty.

Stroll down Coconut Road, an iconic path ideal for a leisurely walk under the shade of towering coconut trees. This route is a staple in any island travel guide and a must-do on your Siargao travel itinerary.

But the adventure doesn’t stop there! Venture to the mesmerizing Tayangban Cave, where you can explore its enchanting chambers and natural formations. A highlight of your land tour is undoubtedly the Magpupungko Tidal Pools. Here, during low tide, you can hop between naturally formed rock pools or relax on the inviting white sand beach.

Surf enthusiasts will also be thrilled to know that Siargao is the surfing capital of the Philippines. With numerous surf spots dotting the coastline, such as the famous Cloud 9 and the serene Alegria Beach, both beginners and seasoned surfers will find their perfect wave. And for those eager to learn, surf lessons are readily available in Siargao surf spots, providing a fun and safe way to dive into the sport.

Don’t miss the chance to visit Kawhagan and Pamomoan Beach, two less crowded but equally stunning beaches, offering a peaceful retreat from the more popular tourist spots.

Each of these destinations contributes to Siargao’s reputation as an extraordinary island located in the heart of the Philippines. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or a bit of both, Siargao’s land tours offer something for everyone, making it a quintessential part of trip to explore the island.

Are there any safety measures to follow during land tours?

Yes. Getting on a land tour in Siargao, the surfing capital of the Philippines, is an adventure of a lifetime. To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, it’s important to follow some essential safety measures.

Firstly, protection from the tropical sun is crucial. Always apply sunscreen, wear a hat, and use sunglasses. Siargao’s climate can be deceptively sunny, making sun protection vital. Stay hydrated throughout your journey, especially if you’re indulging in the local delicacy of smoothie bowls, which are a delicious yet not a substitute for water. Carry enough water and snacks, particularly for longer excursions.

Comfortable footwear is a must for exploring the diverse terrains of Siargao. Whether you’re walking along the soft sands of Siargao or navigating the rugged paths to the Tayangban Cave Pools, the right shoes will make all the difference. Additionally, having a first aid kit is advisable. You can entrust it to your local tour guide, who is well-equipped to handle any minor emergencies during your private or shared tour.

Adherence to your guide’s instructions is paramount. Siargao guides are experts in navigating the island and so it is best to have one on your land tour. Also, if you’re exploring the island on a scooter, remember to always wear a helmet, follow traffic rules, and be cautious.

Keep a close watch on your belongings, particularly during peak seasons. Siargao is a friendly place, but it’s always wise to be mindful of your personal items. Respect for the local environment and culture is key. Whether you’re on an inland journey or an island-hopping tour, maintain the pristine nature of places and the serene surroundings of the island.

By following these guidelines, your tour in Siargao will not only be memorable but also respectful to the beautiful environment of this unique island. Let this Siargao travel guide lead you to a safe and enriching exploration of the island.

Is it possible to book a private land tour for my group?

Absolutely! Booking a private land tour for your group in Siargao is not only possible but also highly recommended for a tailored and intimate exploration of the island. Private tours in Siargao offer a unique opportunity to experience the island’s surf and scenery at your own pace, ensuring a personalized adventure.

With private Siargao tours, you have the freedom to customize your itinerary. Whether you’re interested in getting to Pacifico Beach, the Magpupungko Rock Pool, the tranquility of watching the sunset at a secluded spot in Siargao, or the vibrant Siargao nightlife, your tour can be tailored to your group’s preferences.

Experience the thrill of rope swings at Maasin river or enjoy the seclusion at Kawhagan Island, or explore the serene cave pools scattered around the island – these are moments that make Siargao a must-visit destination. For surf enthusiasts, Siargao surf spots are some of the best in the world, offering waves for both beginners and seasoned surfers.

For added convenience, private tours often include hotel transfers, making your travel seamless and stress-free. If you’re flying in, direct flights to Siargao’s Airpot at Sayak from Davao, Clark, Cebu and Manila are available, making the journey to this paradise island easier than ever.

Remember, the best time to visit Siargao may vary depending on what you want to experience, but rest assured, a private land tour can be arranged to suit any season and any preference, ensuring your trip is as memorable and enjoyable as possible.

What should I wear and bring on a Siargao land tour?

Taking a land tour in Siargao calls for both comfort and practicality in your attire and essentials. The tropical climate of Siargao Philippines, especially during the surfing season, demands light, breathable clothing. Opt for loose-fitting shirts, shorts, or long pants made from quick-drying fabric to stay comfortable as you explore.

A hat and sunglasses are indispensable for protection against the sun, and sturdy footwear like sneakers or comfortable walking sandals will serve you well across varied terrains, from sandy beaches to rugged paths. Applying sunscreen is a must, and carrying a reusable water bottle will keep you hydrated as you get on trips in Siargao.

For a seamless experience, pack a daypack or small backpack for you day trip. This should include your camera to capture the stunning tourist attractions, snacks for energy, and a lightweight rain jacket or umbrella – a handy addition for unexpected rain showers. Insect repellent is also crucial to fend off mosquitoes, especially in areas closer to the lush surroundings of Surigao del Norte.

Connectivity is key so consider carrying SIM cards of SMART or GLOBE. This will keep you connected and help in navigating the island more efficiently. Don’t forget to bring cash for souvenirs from local markets, and to savor local delicacies.

If you’re planning to indulge in the island’s famous water sports, surfing lessons at renowned surf resorts are a great addition to your itinerary. And for the adventurous, exploring the diving boards along the coast offers an exhilarating experience.

With these essentials, you’ll be well-equipped for your land tour, whether it’s a relaxed exploration or an action-packed adventure. Siargao offers a plethora of experiences, from serene island-hopping tours to the vibrant pulse of its surf culture, making it a must-visit destination in the Philippines.

Can I change my land tour itinerary once it's already booked?

Absolutely, flexibility is a key part of planning your adventure in Siargao. Even after booking, it’s generally possible to modify your Siargao land tour itinerary. Whether you’re yearning for the thrill of cliff jumping, eager to explore the lush mangrove forests, or wish to add a visit to the serene Sugba Lagoon, adjustments can often be accommodated.

However, it’s important to remember that any changes to your itinerary are subject to availability and may incur additional charges. This is especially true for popular activities or destinations like Sugba Lagoon, Pamomoan or Kawhagan since these areas would need a short boat ride. Modification to avail island tours such as tri-island tour to Naked Island, Guyam, Secret Beach and Daku Island and visit to Bucas Grande Island and Sohoton Cove to experience swimming at the lagoon of stingless jellyfish there may also incur additional charges and is subject to availability because it has a different call time.

To ensure a seamless experience, we recommend communicating any desired changes with your tour operator or travel agency as soon as possible. They can assist with logistics, whether it’s arranging a flight to Siargao, navigating the options for getting around Siargao.

Additionally, if you’re looking to experience the local culinary scene, consider including some of the renowned restaurants in Siargao in your itinerary. These eateries offer a taste of the island’s vibrant flavors and are a delightful way to immerse yourself in the local culture.

By addressing these modifications early, you can tailor your journey to match your interests and ensure that your Siargao tour is as fulfilling and hassle-free as possible.

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